Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gianna's Birthday Party

Our littlest princess will be two years old on Monday. To celebrate the happy occasion, we had a family gathering in our back yard. The weather was beautiful and the children enjoyed the fresh air. Because the photographer (me) gets a little too focused on her main subject, the photographer failed to get any photos of any guests. She, I mean I, need to work on that!! Spencer and Gianna swinging. Can you almost hear the laughing?
Gianna and Baby Abe. He doesn't really trust her. She tends to be a little too touchy-feely!

Gianna and Melissa. She enjoyed the singing and blew out the candles! (With a little help from Gemma and Spencer!)

Enjoying cake and ice cream, all by herself!

My apologies to - Grandpa, Nona, Bamma, Titi, Abe, Chris, Larry and Vonne for not getting any photos of you with the birthday girl! Thank you for sharing this special day with us!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Princess. Daddy Loves You soooo much!

  2. Kim and David, We had so much fun at Gianna's birthday party! We enjoyed the food, friendship, and the wonderful family!!!! Your family is just like our family and we enjoy you all so much! The kids are wonderful~~~the sweetest, brightest, and kindest children we know. You guys have done a good job with your children! Love you guys, The Kinneys


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