Monday, September 21, 2009

Gemma's Hair

This is how Gemma's hair looked on Saturday afternoon. The woman who braided it said to use an old pair of panty-hose as a cap for sleeping. That way, she could get another day or two with the braid. Well, I haven't had an office job in over 7 years - I haven't worn pantyhose in over 8 years! Once I was pregnant with Gemma, I switched to knee-highs and trouser socks. Oh - and post pregnancy, SPANX. I digress.

Gemma came up with a wonderful solution to the no pantyhose problem...

Here is my little girl sleeping with her winter hat! And you know what, it worked! She went to school today with the braid still in tact - for the most part. I did tell her that after soccer tonight, I think it's best we take it out and wash her hair!

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