Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Sister

Gemma is a wonderful big sister. Since she and Spencer are so close in age, I didn't realize how truly wonderful she would be with Gianna. I was nervous about the age difference originally - Gemma and Spencer were 6 and 5 when the littlest princess arrived. But both children have really impressed me! (For the record, Spencer is an awesome big brother!) Gemma loves to play with Gianna - I was able to get a few photos from their last make-believe session.

Apparently in their little imagination scenario, it was winter - and Gianna allowed Gemma to dress her accordingly. The girls spent at least 20 minutes playing and talking (really Gemma talking and Gianna following along.)

Every time Gemma got Gianna "dressed", Gianna would begin to "undress". Gemma must have replaced the hat, mittens and scarf at least a dozen times. I was amazed Gianna agreed to it!

At one point in the story, they were drinking hot chocolate. Gianna was blowing on her cup to cool it off! Too cute!
Even though the girls have a six year age difference, I think they'll still be the best of friends!

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