Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Fun Day

Today was a fun day for all of us.

Gemma went to the renaissance festival with mom and Edmee. Mom decided that Gemma needed a costume for the event - and here is Gemma in all of her maiden glory. Doesn't she look adorable!

While Gemma was enjoying her day, Spencer and I had a "date" at Legoland. A proper date always includes a meal, so we had lunch at......McDonalds. (I know, what a shock!)

Here we are just before leaving Legoland. You can't tell in the photo, but Spencer had been asking me for quite some time to stop taking pictures!

And we can't forget about Gianna - she was having a fun afternoon with Evelyn. They spent 2 hours having lunch, playing at the playground and going for a walk. I don't know who was more tired when they returned! This photo of Gianna is after her time with Evelyn, a bath and a nap. I forgot to take one of she and Evelyn together!!!

You may recognize this little girl - it's Gemma, post-renaissance fair. Apparently the original costume was a bit warm for the 80' day we had. So, bamma decided to buy ANOTHER costume at the festival!!!!! Gemma also got a new headpiece, her hair braided, her face painted, a ring and two necklaces. Mom and Edmee said she really enjoyed herself (I would too if other people were financing my entertainment!) and they are looking forward to taking her again next year.

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