Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random photos

Gianna is starting to take in interest with some of Gemma's toys. She found a doll crib and was playing with it for a while. The next think I saw was this....Notice her foot in the above was a tight squeeze!

Little children imitate what they see. The memory that sticks with me happened when Gemma was about 3 and Spencer was 2. We were outside playing - Gemma in the toy car and Spencer in the playhouse. Gemma "drove" up to the playhouse, knocked on the window and asked for french fries. I quickly changed my ways. However, I'm now seeing something from Gianna...she is always "talking" on the phone. Very long conversations with such dramatic body language. I wonder where she gets that from????

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  1. Too cute. It looks like she is going to be calling her friends sooner then you thought! Shes a nautral. Wonder where she got that from..Lol



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