Thursday, February 12, 2009

Comments anyone?

I sometimes wonder, "Who reads my blog?".

Feel free to leave a comment. At least I'll know more than just my mom is reading! ;)


  1. Kim, I love your blog! It brings back special memories to me of my children and my life as sahm(stay at home Mom) when my kids were little. At this point in time, I need all the memories of special times with my children. Keep up the good work writing history for your children~~~~they will love it when they grow up! Yvonne or Mrs K

  2. I read your blog all the time and I even show it to my care workers so they can see what the kids look like they all think they're so cute. Chris

  3. I don't like the words (they hurt my head) but I love the pics! I check out the blog from time to time...
    -Some Random Stalker

  4. I check your blog every week. Tell the kids I miss them .Emelia carries Giannas picture around, and sometimes when she gets upset she will yell at it. I think she just needs someone to vent to..Allison

  5. Hi Kim! I just found your blog (from your FB page) and am catching up on your family's doings. FUN!!

    Thanks ~ Bethany Rissell


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