Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prayer request

I'm not the type to ask for people to pray. But I'm asking now. I'm asking for those I love.

David's oldest brother Dan will be having a triple by-pass next week. I ask that you pray for a complication-free surgery and a speedy recovery. He had an angiogram last week, so we knew that by-pass was a possibility...now it's a reality.

David's second oldest brother, John, has just been told he has cancer. I don't have many details; I spoke with John this afternoon and he was going to be having another CT today. More tests will give more answers. Pray that the cancer is at the earliest stage possible and that it responds to treatments quickly.

Please pray for these men and their loving familes who are going through a very stressful and scary time.

Finally, please pray for my mother and father in law. I can't imagine how they are feeling.

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  1. Hello Kim and David, both the brothers and their families and you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. I just thought of a way that you might be able to keep people updated what is happening by using this website: http://www.carepages.com/create-patient-website
    . If that doesn't work just try www. Care pages.com
    . This is a free service that is designed to post updates as often as people feel like. But here you go Kim, you get thoughts and prayers and spam all in the same response. Love you guys, Chris


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