Monday, October 6, 2008

Gianna's Birthday Party

This past Saturday we celebrated Gianna's first birthday with a party fit for a princess! The weather was perfect and she was over her cold. Here she is with her Titi Edmee showing off her fancy party dress. It should be noted, that Titi Edmee and Titi Evelyn came to Gianna's birthday party immediately after landing at the airport after a 4-day girls weekend in Las Vegas. We know how tired you must have both been, but we are so glad you came to wish the little girl a happy birthday! Now when most people think of a "first birthday party", I'm sure pinata comes to mind! Well, Gemma and Spencer thought it was a great idea. The kids had fun trying to break it open - you would have thought it was made of cement! It took 6 kids, 2 turns each to crack it open....with a metal bat!!!! Thankfully, no one hit David with the bat.

Here Gianna is chilling outside with her cake and ice cream. I think she looks like she is going into a sugar coma from the expression on her face!
After a wardrobe change, Gianna tore into her presents. As usual, the wrapping was more fun than the gifts! It was especially nice to share the gift opening with Gianna's godfather, Chris. He had been in the hospital most of last week and didn't get discharged until Saturday afternoon. Most people would have wanted to go home after that, but not Chris. He and his parents came straight from the hospital just in time for cake. We had a very nice time visiting with them and watching Gianna play with the wrapping paper. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated Gianna's big day with us!!! (You'll be getting something in the mail from her in the next week or so!!!)

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