Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Week In Pictures....

It's been a few days since I last posted so here is the update!

On Thursday, the 23rd of October, Evelyn, Gianna and I attended the monthly assembly at Gemma and Spencer's school. Spencer was awared Student of The Month! As you can see from the smile, he was very excited and proud. I must add, Gemma was Student of The Month for September, but the photos didn't turn out and I forgot to mention it last month. Sorry Gemma!
That same evening was Literacy Night at school. They had various tables set up in the gym with activities. Some had games, there was a book swap and even a spot set up for jump rope. However, Gemma and Spencer enjoyed the Poetry Jam. Spencer was nervous to do it at first, so he and I read a poem together. After that he wanted to do nothing else but read more poems. (Truth be told, he enjoyed hearing himself talk with the microphone!) Some by himself - and this one he and Gemma read together. I thought it was cute when they linked arms - they really are best friends.

The kids were home from school on Friday and the weather didn't cooperate for going to the pumpkin patch, so we just stayed home. But on Saturday, David finished putting the trim in the new room so that night we had our first official family movie night. We made popcorn, turned the lights low and watched Cars in surround sound.

Gianna enjoyed a bowl of her poofs - but kept trying to get our popcorn!

And to finish the weekend, we went to church in the morning and then to Nona's and Grandpa's for Sunday dinner. Gianna never stopped moving all day - I think that's what led to this impromp-tu nap shortly after getting home! Either way, I thought it was cute!

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