Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another reason why I love my boy....

So when I picked up the kids from school yesterday, Spencer had a note to show me. It was from a kid in his class apologizing for hitting him at recess and saying he'll never do it again...blah blah blah. I immediately asked Spencer what happened - he told me that this boy, "R" was trying to push Gemma, but Spencer wouldn't let "R" get to her. He was using his body as a shield and "R" got fed up with Spencer and started hitting him. My big surprise was Spencer DID NOT hit him back!!! He kept his arms out trying to stop "R" and then told the teacher what had happened! (Part of me wished he would have hit the kid back - we know this boy from soccer and he is a pain in the a*s.) "R" was sent to the office and Spencer was a hero in Gemma's eyes (and mine too!) and he seemed pretty proud of himself for protecting his sister! Something worth mentioning - he never cried during the altercation. Which is a pretty big deal since Spencer can be a little too sensitive at times!

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