Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Family Photos

We had family pictures taken in July at Harriet Island by a friend of the family who happens to be a professional photographer. The weather was perfect - the sky was a pretty blue with puffy white clouds and the green of the grass and trees was just gorgeous. As pretty as they were in color, I decided that black and white gave the pics a more timeless look.

I finally got around to ordering some to put on the wall in the dining room....this wall has been bare since we moved into our house 10 years ago because I was always looking for the "perfect" picture. Then we started having children and I just never got around to deciding which photos to hang. Well, our (my) problem has been solved. Now, I just need to decide on a photo for our Christmas card and I'll be good to go!

We did this photo at the very end, I love that Gianna is looking at the camera. You can't see it, but Gemma and Spencer were holding hands too!
I love, love, love this photo of Gemma. For some reason, she was being so shy and didn't want to look at the camera. Sarah got her at the perfect moment!
Spencer was such a ham! He and David took a few photos together wearing their hats too - Spencer really likes his Panama Jack hat, and he looks so handsome in it!
Here is the princess before she had teeth! Gianna loved the grass - when this photo was taken she was pulling grass and dropping it all around herself. I think Sarah photoshopped some of the random blades of grass out.

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