Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Visit - Continued

I already posted the family Santa photo, but I thought I should add the photos from earlier that day.

Every year we go to Macy's in Minneapolis to see the Christmas display. (Our 2008 visit and 2009 visit.) When Macy's was Dayton's, they would go all out. The displays were amazing. One year was Harry Potter, another was Mary Poppins and even Babar. However, the past two or three years, Macy's has been recycling the same display. Oh well, the kids still had fun!

We arrived around 12:30 on Saturday and expected long lines and lots of people. However, we were pleasantly surprised when it was quite the opposite! (We did get 8 inches of snow overnight, so maybe some people were trying to dig themselves out?) Because of the lack of people, I was able to get some cute photos of the kids - and they almost cooperated!

While walking through the display "A Day In The Life of an Elf", we ran into an elf who happily posed for a picture. Gianna was MIA - she wanted nothing to do with the elf. At this point - she was already nervous about the Santa picture.

After the display we stood in line for Santa. In years past, we've waited 20 to 30 minutes. This year....maybe five minutes!
I told the kids to give my an "annoyed" expression - Spencer could only smile!

After our family photo, the kids spent some time with Santa.
We wished Santa a Merry Christmas and were off to our next stop....COOKIES!!!

After we ate our treats we went over to Santa's Workshop - it's really a little store with a bunch of over priced toys and treats - which we bought NONE of! (We had already spent a small fortune on the photos and cookies.)
A table is set up with paper and crayons for the kids to write letters to Santa. Gemma was the only one who wanted to do it!
We spent some time in the store looking at the toys, but eventually we had to pull the kids out of the store. Fortunately no one was kicking or screaming! : )

But our day of fun wasn't over yet....we were going sledding! Unfortunately, I couldn't bring the camera with my - but trust me, we had a blast!

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