Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning the children woke up at 6:45....obviously they couldn't wait to see what Santa had brought them. They did as we asked...came to wake us BEFORE heading to the living room. Imagine Gemma's and Spencer's surprise when they found a Wii waiting for them from Santa!!!!After going crazy over the Wii the kids continued on to the stockings that Santa filled with little gifts.
Each child received two books (along with other odds and ends).
And each child has already read each book cover to cover.
I realize for Gianna that isn't a big deal. But Gemma's and Spencer's books were chapter books and were completed by the next day! They love to read! Santa might want to bring a few more books next year!

Next it was time to open presents from David and me. We still had some large boxes from our "move" in August. David had this great idea to wrap all the kids gifts and then put them in the large box and wrap that too. We only set the boxes two days before Christmas....just to get the kids wondering!
Needless to say, the kids were very excited when they had several presents in the big box to unwrap.

The children loved their gifts. And as always, my thoughtful Gemma made gifts for each of us.
Gemma drew coloring pages for Gianna - and when Gianna opened the gift she hugged her big sister! I was so glad I caught it!
And here are our babies after all of the gifts had been opened. Spencer is showing his gift from Gemma! (Yes, Gianna still drinks milk in a bottle in the morning - don't judge.) It was a wonderful Christmas morning!

After cleaning up the after-math, David and I started getting things going in the kitchen for dinner. Mom, Evelyn, Melissa, Abe and the two little ones came for dinner. Since we were so busy in the kitchen, I didn't think to take photos. But the dinner was yummy - prime rib!!!!

oh - I should add - through out the day, Gemma and Spencer would each say under their breath, "I can't believe Santa brought us a Wii!" It was pretty cute!!

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