Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas in the Country

Saturday we went to Edmee and Howard's house to celebrate Christmas. We received word late Friday that Santa was to be making a special appearance at the local library. We surprised the kids (and Bamma) with the stop - Gianna wasn't really interested in seeing him. We were lucky to sneak her into this photo! The kids did some arts and crafts and then we decided to continue the last two miles of our drive to Edmee's.
We had a wonderful time. The kids were spoiled as usual and the food was really yummy. Before we opened presents, we had the little ones sit together...two of mine aren't really "little ones" anymore. : (

Gemma and Spencer each received a boom-box and CD's! They were huge hits with the kids!
Here's Gianna opening her bag of goodies. She received a Leapster and loves it (along with quite of few other treats!). We have a hard time getting it out of her hands! We had a great visit and are looking forward to the next family gathering.

Thanks for hosting Edmee! : )

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