Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Program

Gianna had her first Christmas program at preschool on Tuesday night. And it was absolutely adorable! The last time the kids performed was in November and Gianna wanted NOTHING to do with it. She just sat with us and had no interest in participating. However things went very differently this time.

When we arrived at church she went straight to her teacher and sat with the children from her class. Gemma, Spencer and I went upstairs to wait for her big entrance and to wait for David (he was stuck in traffic). David arrived in time to see the pre-schoolers make their procession into the church - and when Gianna saw her daddy she was soooo excited! She kept waving and saying "Hi daddy!".
This is an awful photo, but this shows how excited Gianna was. It also shows how much she really wanted her daddy to see her! : )
She did a great job! She sang a few songs and waved. She even held baby Jesus while the pastor told the Christmas story. Gianna was very proud!
Here she is on the way out of the church. Can you tell she was excited to see us??? : )
Here we are waiting for our turn to exit and collect our little girl.
Since Gianna's program was at 5:30, we didn't have time for dinner. After her show we went for Chinese! (Can you tell someone was tired of having her photo taken?) Either way, it was a great night! Can't wait for her next performance! : )

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