Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My....What Big Eyes You Have!!!

Gemma came home with a note from her teacher yesterday saying that she is always complaining about not being able to see the board or the overhead projector clearly. So, I made made an appointment with the eye doctor.

She was really nervous about the appointment and wasn't too thrilled with the drops in the eyes (they actually sprayed her eyes), but she did great.

After getting her eyes dilated and waiting patiently to see the doctor, it was determined that Gemma is near-sighted. It isn't that bad, but the doctor feels getting glasses now would be the best thing for her. So....in 7 to 10 days Gemma will be sporting some cute (expensive but worth it!)* glasses!

*I say expensive because David and I have never needed glasses...this is all new to us!

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