Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Hero, my Love

12 years ago Kim lost her father to cancer. He battled valiantly for a long time and there were many ups and downs (the occasional drug induced utterances we will remember forever as well as the numerous hospitalizations).

It was particularly hard on Kim and I did my very best to support and comfort her. We were planning our wedding and I was in school, but otherwise there was not that much distracting me from taking care of her.

With my brother John now battling cancer the roles have kind of reversed and she is comforting me. However, she is doing it while taking care of our three children and with me 1000 miles away. She knows how much it pains me to be unable to help my family and she is doing a wonderful job of making it easier on me.

Kimberly, you are my ROCK and my hero. I love you very much and am so very proud of you.


  1. As I sit here crying, I am so in awe of you two. If ever God wanted to show us how love and family should be all we need to do is see the two of you. It's too sad that others in the world see it too little too late. We are so very fortunate and blessed that we are not amoungst them. Love you both so very much.

  2. I'm glad you guys are in my life, God's blessings you are in my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Chris

  3. We love you and David, Gemma, Spencer, and Gianna so much! You bring such joy into our world and have stood by us during some very trying times in our lives! God be with you as you journey with John while he is here on Earth! The K's


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