Monday, August 31, 2009

Gemma's Soccer Game

Gemma had her first soccer game of the season this evening. The weather was perfect and the kids and I had a great time.

Here is Gianna before the game even started. The fields are across the street from a railroad track (the train yard is about a mile from the fields) and shortly after we arrived, she heard something.... It wasn't Thomas the Tank Engine, but she enjoyed watching it and announcing it's presence to anyone who would listen. She loves trains!

Spencer even had to stop and enjoy the view!

Here are my girls before the game enjoying a snack. We arrived 30 minutes early because I wasn't sure where the fields were and if I would be able to find a parking spot. Anyway, because of this, we ended up eating our snacks BEFORE the game even started!! Oh well, at least I know where it is for the next game!

Here is Gemma warming up in the goal. I love this action shot! She isn't very aggressive (she gets that from me), but she is definitely stepping out of her comfort zone. I'm so proud of her!!

While Gemma was warming up, Gianna decided to get ready too. Just in case they needed an extra player!
Gemma started the game (she wasn't goalie for this game) - and did really well. She got a little confused and left her defense position for offense. I told her that was OK - I'm 34 and I always get those confused! (maybe not something I should be admitting!) Overall she did great! It's so fun to watch her develop as a player.

Notice Gemma in this picture - she is one of the smaller girls one her team. But she doesn't let that stop her!

While Gemma was playing, Spencer and Gianna played in the dirt at the baseball diamond. Gotta love dirt - it's a guaranteed way to keep the kids happy!

On a side note - after the girls were done with their game and going back to their parents, Gemma was behind two of the girls from the other team. Even though they all had just given high-fives minutes before, Gemma had to stop them and tell them they played a good game. They thanked her and returned the sentiment.

It was unnecessary, but completely sweet. And that's just one of Gemma's many qualities.

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