Friday, August 7, 2009


I know - original title.

Today was another good day. Both Evelyn and Chris ended up coming over today - so we spent the day outside enjoying the sunshine while we watched David work on odd projects. Really, David spent more time visiting than working - who could blame him!

Here are the kids playing and enjoying their day.

Bamma bought this beautiful mask for Gemma at Kooza. Spencer didn't want anything - apparently he was hoping for Legos...
Wow! Look at the boy on 3 wheels!! Watch out, he can be a maniac on that tricycle!

After dinner, the kids went to Bamma's house for a little while so David and I could run an errand. Actually, we went to buy a new camera. I was going to buy David a camera as a surprise, but then I told him about it and then he told me he was going to be me a new one so he could take our old one (which is only three months old).

This is our "old" camera.
And here is our NEW camera! It's awesome! I'm actually wanting to read the manual and since we purchased it at an actual camera store - I get 4 free classes!
After the exciting purchase we went to David's favorite place for a nice "cold-one". Since it was just the two of us, we decided it counted as a date. We take what we can get!

After our date, we went back to Bamma's and picked up three very clean children. Thanks for bathing them, mom!

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