Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Last Beach Day...

I think today was our last outing to our favorite swimming hole. :(

The end of summer always makes me a little sad - the carefree days of doing whatever whenever are quickly coming to an end. Soon our days will be filled with school and the evenings with the kids doing homework and working on school projects. The sun will be setting earlier and "fun" stuff will have to wait for weekends. We're trying to savor these last two weeks before.....reality hits!!!

We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Oh - and to make the day even better, Baby Abe came too! His first time swimming!

Baby Abe

Baby Abe in action!

Gianna falling into the water - and loving it!
Gemma wanted to be buried in the sand - the little ones obliged!
Baby Abe and Gianna covering Gemma with sand.
Spencer working on something.

The little guy couldn't take it any longer...he was wiped out!

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