Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Not a creative title, but it works.

Gemma and Spencer took golf lessons in July and were able to put their learning to work this morning when David took them golfing. They played 9 holes - best ball. David forgot the camera, but here are a few pictures from their lessons last month.

Just think, in a few years David will have his own four-some; Gemma, Spencer, himself and Gianna!

Then this afternoon while Gianna was napping and I was home baking cookies, David took the kids bowling. (The kids are going to be very bored with me next week!!)

We ended the evening with dinner at our house with Grandpa and Nonna. And it was a yummy dinner - thanks, sweetie!
The week is flying by too quickly, but the kids are enjoying every minute with David - and I am too!

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