Friday, January 9, 2009

Where's Gianna?

So while I was in the laundry room this evening Gemma, Spencer and Gianna were playing hide and go seek. (To be more accurate, Gemma and Spencer were hiding under a blanket and Gianna was finding the kids.) After several minutes of hearing the giggling, running and yelling....Gemma and Spencer yelled for me in a very concerned tone...Gianna was missing.
Our house isn't very big and the kids were on the main level of the house. The front and back doors are always locked - I knew she couldn't be truly missing, but I was still getting the icky knot in my stomach.
I called for her as I ran around the living room, dining room and entry way quickly - still no Gianna. I opened the hallway door that leads to Gemma and Spencer's rooms....the "Gianna-free zone" and that's where I found her! Standing alone, in the dark, in the little hallway with a Lego (from Spencer's room) in her hand!
The little girl now knows how to operate the doorknob! So, needless to say, we'll be running to Target tomorrow to get some sort of childproofing contraption to prevent that from happening again!

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