Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Since it's been so long since my last post, here is what has been going on...
First of all - I over reacted...Gianna didn't have a cold. Her breathing was whistley and I did notice her nose run a couple of times. But fortunately nothing else developed!

Since we were unable to go to Edmee's for Christmas on the 21st because of Gianna's fever and the disgustingly cold weather....she brought Christmas to us on Saturday the 27th. The kids once again made out like bandits! Each year they receive a calander and ornament - which is something they look very forward to. However, I think the highlight for this year was getting their own digital cameras.

We had another Christmas celebration with Chris (Gianna's godfather) and his parents later that afternoon. Again, the children were spoiled with more fun toys and they each received a homemade scarf and mittens from Mrs. K. We also had some yummy cupcakes - and we were given the extras to take home!!!

For New Year's Eve, we had dinner with my mom, David's parents and Chris and his parents. We went to The Olive Garden and the had a very nice dinner. We had wanted to eat at 5:30 - before the rush, however it seems that we weren't the only people with that idea! We weren't seated until after 6pm! The kids were great. It wasn't until Gianna started rubbing her eyes that we realized it was 8:30!! Once we got home and put the kids to bed, David and I watched a movie. Needless to say, I was asleep within 15 minutes of the movie.
Friday, we met Hoa and the boys at an indoor play park. Gianna had a blast running around the gymnasium chasing scooters and running after the kids. Gemma and Spencer had a blast too. I did notice that most of the kids were preschool age - Gemma and Spencer were some of the only "school-aged kids". It made me a little sad knowing they are growing up.

This weekend has been pretty uneventful. We're working on turning what was known as the "living room" in the basement into the "official playroom". This requires rearranging furniture, getting rid of furniture, moving toys, donating old toys....the list goes on and on. Ultimately it's going to give Gemma and Spencer much more room for them to play - especially Spencer. He loves his train last count he had 5!

On a separate note....we had a great 2008. Our kids are healthy and the rest of our families and our friends are doing well. We hope and pray for more wonderful blessings in 2009!

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