Monday, January 5, 2009

Changes for my "big" girl!

Gianna is 15 months old and has been wearing these since September. I was at Target today and found these for only $3.74! Today was the first time she has ever had an actual shoe on her foot and I wished I had taken a picture of her face after I put them on her. She stood in place for at least one minute looking at her feet and then looking at me - it was like she didn't know what to do! I realize the shoes are a little dressy for her sweats - but she loves them! (She wouldn't cooperate and model the shoes for me!)

Another change for Gianna is graduating from the highchair to a booster chair! She loves sitting at the table with us - and just loves sitting in her chair by herself. I took these photos after Gianna walked to her chair and "yelled" for me until I put her in it!

It makes me a little sad to see her growing so quickly - it seems like just yesterday Hoa gave us the highchair! (It was actually back in April though - she was almost 7 months old!)

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