Sunday, September 4, 2011

Renaissance Festival

Mom has been going to the Renaissance Festival for years.  Three years ago, she (and Edmee) took Gemma for her first visit.  Gemma went in costume and LOVED it!  Last year mom wanted Spencer to go too, so David was the driver while Gianna and I stayed home.  Well, this year, mom wanted all three children to attend, and she even invited David and me too!

We arrived with the girls in costume.  Shine it was a cool day, they had their regular clothes on underneath.  Spencer brought the sword and shield he got last year.  He was determined to get another weapon today!

Gianna was very excited at the first stop - where we purchased a fairy wand.  (Because she doesn't already have three at home.)
And here is Spencer with his new ax.  However, he felt that he still needed another weapon....

Mom was determined to get the girls hair braided.  I wasn't sure if Gianna would sit still for it - she doesn't like having her hair done.  It's a daily battle we have.  

Here is the during.  I was pretty shocked at how well she behaved.  She never complained!
And the final product was two cute french braids complete with flowers.
Gemma is an old pro at this.  She quickly picked her hair do and took a seat. 

Here is the final product.  It literally took no more than 15 minutes for the hairdresser to do this!  And the good thing is it will last 2 to 3 days!

Now Spencer finally feels complete with his rubber-band shooter.  He calls it a cross-bow.  Whatever!  Either way, he was heavily armed and dangerous!
Gianna and I watching a side show.
Spencer eating lunch and me sneaking a quick self-portrait!
Meet the camel that David and the girls rode.  
Originally the girls were going to ride alone, but Gianna was too young and required an adult.  I don't think he minded too much!
Meet the elephant.
This is the only photo of Spencer and me on the elephant.  The line was fairly long, so David wandered away thinking he'd have a few minutes.  However, we were brought to the front of the line to ride with another two-some.  We only did one turn in the ring, but it was still fun.  I'd do it again!

Resting.  We arrived just after 9am and this is about 3pm.  If you click on the photo, you will see how dirty we are.  The tip of my nose is black.  I know, really attractive!
My treasures.  Everyone was having fun and Gianna was in a pretty good mood!  Some days you just never know with her!
Being goofy. 
Gemma and Spencer participated in live theater.  Spencer had plenty of weapons and was ready for the show.  It lasted about 15 minutes and had at least ten kids involved.  It was cute.

After the "show" I asked if one of the characters would take a photo with his fellow "actors".  He kindly obliged!
As we were slowly working our way to leave, we stumbled upon juggling school.  I took some photos and even laughed at the kids a little.  I decided that wasn't very nice.
So I decided to try my hand at juggling.  It's hard!  I never thought it looked easy, but after trying, I have a lot of respect for the crazy people we saw earlier in the day juggling knives!
I think the teacher just wanted to put his arm around me.  ; )  Here we are juggling with 5 balls.  David humored me and took photos!

This photo was taken just after we finished the fourth or fifth bowl of soup.  Cream of wild rice soup in a yummy bread bowl.  DELICIOUS!
Our group shot just before leaving for the day (at 6:45pm).  We had so much fun and ate too much.  I think that counts as a prefect day!  Thanks for taking us, mom - we had a great time!  David and I are talking about going in costume next year!  : )

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