Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gianna's Birthday

Yesterday was Gianna's 4th birthday.  I normally have to wake her to start her day, but today she greeted me at the stairs leading up to my (and David's) room.   
She was very excited to see her door decorated (I always do this for the kids' birthdays). 

After everyone was off to school, I ran some last minute errands for the family party in the evening.  This is the box that Gianna's cake came in - can you tell she likes Barbie!
After school, I wanted to get another photo of her in the doorway wearing her cupcake shirt.  I bought this shirt last spring and if it was up to Gianna she would wear it DAILY!
We had a small family gathering in the evening - just grandparents and godparents.  Fortunately the weather was beautiful, so gathering outside was managable.  

Gemma invited her friends from down the street for cake and ice cream.  The more we give away, the less I am tempted to eat!
And before it was completely dark outside, a quick group shot.  We had a wonderful evening with family celebrating our precious little girl!

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