Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cat Bite

Today we went to Gino and Linda's house for the afternoon.

Unfortunately, we had to cut our visit short when one of their cats decided to bite Gemma! I decided to call the doctor and was advised to go in to have the bite cleaned properly and to get a perscription for an anti-biodic.

So after an hour visit, we loaded in the car and went to the clinic. Gemma missed swimming lessons, but I felt much better having seen the doctor and getting the medicine.

Just another reason why I really, really dislike cats. : (


  1. I glad you came back to the old format. Gemma's cat bite is worse than I thought. Bamma

  2. I know you've been very busy, but I wish you would update...I miss seeing my babies on your blog. Get to work girl!! Bamma


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