Sunday, August 21, 2011

Water Park

Yesterday we drove to the country to spend the weekend with Edmee and Howard. The plan was to swim in the afternoon and then just relax at the house. Sounds like the perfect weekend plan to me!

We've been to the water park once before and the kids had fun. But now that Gianna was older and Gemma was tall enough for the big slide, we knew that they'd have even more fun.Gianna loved the little water slide. She must have slid down that thing 100 times!
During a water break, the children humored me with a photo.
Gianna and titi Edmee.
David and I were there too!
During the water break, Edmee took the kids to the snack shack. Gianna chose cotton candy.
And she loved it!
Gemma had a drumstick.
Spencer had chips, but apparently I wasn't fast enough to get an "action" shot!

When the break was over, Gianna decided to work on her back floats. I have to say, she's doing a great job!
I love this photo of Spencer. He looks so cool and at ease as he is getting ready to slide into the pool.
My timing was so off with Gemma on the slide. This was the best I could get. I tried about five times and would inevitably take the photo at the wrong time. Sorry, Gemma. : (
Here is another great one of Spencer - looking at me just as I took the photo. Pure luck!
Gemma decided she wanted me to take photos of her jumping off the diving board. Again, my timing was off, but I had fun watching her!
Gianna and daddy. We spent about 3 hours at the water park and then went back to the house for some yummy steaks on the grill. For dessert, we made s'mores at the fire pit and enjoyed a relaxing evening of talking and laughing.

Thanks for a great weekend Edmee! : )

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