Friday, August 19, 2011


Today we went to the Children's Museum. Since we have a membership, we make frequent visits. It's a great and easy way to entertain the kids.

Today Gianna decided she wanted her face painted. The Spark Cart is almost always available when we are there, but usually she has no interested. Gemma on the other hand loves it. Today, Gemma was able to use her artistic abilities and transform her little sister into a cat!
While the girls were working on their art-work, Spencer was right across the hall playing with the ginormous blocks. He created this ramp and was quite proud of it. (He's not a fan of the face-painting)
Gianna was so patient and stood so still while Gemma "painted" her face.
You can see Gemma's concentration. She really did a great job! She is such a wonderful big sister and playmate to Gianna.
Here is the final product! Gianna wouldn't look directly at me, so this was the best I could get. I thought she looked adorable. Gemma did a great job.
Being the great big sister, she let Gianna have a turn at creating.
Gianna was very careful and took her time. She used LOTS of colors!
Gemma wasn't too happy with the final product. So we cleaned her face and then she created her own face painting.
She did the rainbow and sun, and I did the daisy. Gemma was much happier with this artwork!
After face-painting, we played with some big blue blocks and Gianna did a fashion show.
After exploring several exhibits, we ventured outside to the rooftop.
Gianna and Spencer enjoyed painting the rocks. We had a great visit to the museum. Usually we stay about two hours, but today it was over three! The kids had fun and burned a lot of energy! That's what I call a great outing!

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