Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warrior Dash

Saturday afternoon, David participated in the Warrior Dash. I looked at the website after he had registered for the race and thought he was crazy. It's a 3.02 mile race with obstacles all along the way. Oh, and the course is on a ski "resort" - HILLS!!!!Here are David, Gianna and Spencer walking to the buses to take us to the race.
Gianna's first time on a school bus. Can you tell she didn't care?
My other two cuties!

Along with a t-shirt, David was given this "helmet" for running the race. Spencer wanted to model it for me!
Before the race. If you look over David's shoulder you will see smoke. It's from the fire obstacle that the runners have to jump over just before they get to the finish line!
David convinced our friend Dominick to run the race with him. Dominick admitted to "hating" David for the first 2o minutes of the race. : )
Gianna was very concerned about David running IN the fire. I kept telling her that he was going to jump over it, but she still was worried. I showed her other runners jumping and that finally put her at ease. Poor little girl!
And here they are at the start. See the smiles....they quickly faded when they immediately started running up the first of many hills.
Here is David jumping over the fire. I was so excited to be able to capture this moment!
The final obstacle is crawling through mud under barbed-wire. Here he is shortly after crossing the finish line and collecting his ribbon.
Being the supportive wife I am, I wanted to congratulate my husband. I gave him a very quick kiss on the lips and then asked Gemma for a photo. Gianna didn't want anything to do with David until he was clean!
And here are the proud runners after they rinsed off. They were tired and filthy but had a blast. I'm even considering running it next year!

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  1. I've had enough with the warrior dash, bring some pictures of my grandchilden on.


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