Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Here we are on Easter morning after church. The kids were complaining the sun was too bright, so we used the tree for the shade. Then they started complaining that it was too chilly! Oh well! You can't have everything! By the way, notice Gianna's arm in the above photo? She was "posing".
I promised the kids a "silly" photo after our family one, but Spencer was too chilly. Gemma just wanted to wear her hat. She is growing up too fast.

Gianna allowed me to be in her silly photo. She is too goofy!

After our photo shoot, David and I had to finish cooking a few dishes to bring to Judy's for Easter dinner. With such a large extended family, pot-luck is the way to go!

When we arrived, we saw some strange things outside.....

If you click on the photos, you'll see that there were Easter eggs everywhere! The last few years, we've celebrated Easter at Gino and Linda's house and the Easter Bunny usually leaves a few treats for the kids. Well, this year, the bunny knew we'd be at Judy's! Here is last year's post and here is the 2009 post. You can really see how they've grown!

After we ate, the kids headed out side to hunt for eggs!
Spencer couldn't get out of the door fast enough!
David did a time delay start - smallest to biggest!

The required group shot. I couldn't get them to look at me at the same time, but they all look happy! Gianna was too interested in counting her eggs!
When we got home, our neighbor was enjoying the beautiful weather and decided to go for a drive in his Mustang. Gianna couldn't get out of the van fast enough to ask Jonas for a ride. She loves this car - and really enjoys playing with Jonas.
Jonas noticed I had a camera and stopped for me to take this photo. I asked him to put his arm around Gianna - I thought this would be perfect for the slideshow at their wedding! : )

We really had a great Easter.

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