Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Spring Break Outing

Another outing during spring break week was to the Children's Museum. It's hard to believe we've been visiting this museum since Gemma was around two years old! The kids always like to play in the grocery store. Spencer had fun playing cashier and took his job seriously! ; )
Gemma came over and helped when he needed back-up! What a good sister.
Gianna had fun in the grocery store, but decided to run over to the restaurant. She was busy cooking, but took time to take my order!
The museum had a new exhibit - LEGOS!!! We spent over an HOUR in this exhibit - I'm pretty sure I could have left Spencer in here for a few hours and he wouldn't have noticed.
Gemma had fun dressing up and jousting with some kids.
Spencer and his best friend NEVER left this spot at the table. It was so cute to watch them work together.

Gianna spent a lot of time running around, but finally settled in this area for quite some time. She was trying to build her own castle, so I had to convince her to work on building some walls. As you can see from her expression, she was having fun!

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