Sunday, April 4, 2010


The children woke up to a surprise left from the Easter Bunny.
Spencer was very excited about his new Star Wars book.
Gianna couldn't wait to get the bubble machine outside!
Gemma was excited to start her new craft. She managed to wait until this evening, and it's completed!

After the children had a little time to check out the gifts, we showered, changed and headed to Gino and Linda's house. The weather was beautiful and the company was great. Shortly after we arrived, the kids were able to go on an egg hunt.

Can you tell they were eager to get out of the door! David stayed with Gianna so she wouldn't get trampled!
Quickly, all the kids scattered to find eggs in various parts of the yard.

Gianna did stop long enough for me to take this photo. On a side note - the dress she is wearing, Gemma wore for her 2-year pictures! I'm so glad I saved it!
After the hunt, I was able to get the kids to sit for a "posed" photo.

After a very delicious dinner, a bunch of us headed to an open field not too far from the house so Gino could launch some rockets. Of course, I had to sneak in a self-portrait!
While they were launching the rockets - which was really cool to watch.
Gianna and I played at the playground. (I did a quick wardrobe change before leaving for the playground!)

We had a wonderful Easter and am so glad we were able to spend it with our family.

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