Friday, April 2, 2010


Our niece Amanda would be very angry with me if I posted her picture on my out of respect, I won't.....this time! So, I must include pictures of us instead!

Here are David, Gianna and Gemma.

Anyway - today David the kids and I went to watch her team compete in a robotics competition. The impressive thing is - they are high school students. Each team has mentors/parents that work with them, but ultimately the kids are the ones responsible for making the robot.

Daddy and his littlest princess.

This is Amanda's second year on the team - but the first one without her dad, John. He was really involved with the team last year, so I can only imagine how hard this was for her.

Spencer and David.

Amanda - we're so proud of you and we're so glad we were able to watch you and your team compete!!!

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