Sunday, June 28, 2009

Productive Weekend

***Photos courtesy of Gemma and her Fisher Price camera*****

We had a productive and fun weekend.

On Saturday we worked on some odds and ends around the house (we always have odds and ends to work on!) and went to a graduation party. On Sunday we had our family pictures taken (I can't wait to see them!) and then David took Gemma and Spencer fishing. Gianna and I decided to stay home this time and I'm glad we did - they were gone for over 2 hours!!!!

Here are pics of Spencer and me while on our family photo shoot. It was so incredibly windy today - I don't know if my face will actually be seen in any photos! I'm afraid I'm going to be looking like "Cousin It" from the Adamms Family!
David and the kids called Chris (Gianna's Godfather) to see if he wanted to come to the fishing hole and visit - it's a short walk/ride from his house. Chris must have been good luck - Spencer stopped counting after 14 and Gemma had six - not too shabby! Grandpa and Nonna came down for a visit - but Gemma was too busy fishing at the time to get a photo - maybe next time!

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  1. Everyone enjoyed fishing! Especially Chris and his PCA Kenyatta!!! She had never been fishing before and Chris loved going down to the lake. Thank you, Gemma for calling and inviting Chris and Kenyatta to come and join in the fun!!!! Love you guys, Vonne K


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