Saturday, November 15, 2008

Barbie and Legos

Today the children and I ventured to the Mall of America to see Barbie. The MOA is not one of my favorite places and then to take 3 kids by myself there on a Saturday....what was I thinking when I told Gemma we could go??? Truth be told, the day went much better than I anticipated. Spencer was less than thrilled with this idea, but I told him we would stop by Lego Land and that seemed to help the situation.

We arrived at the mall around 11:10 and got an awesome parking spot right by the door. Gemma and Spencer were so funny, they kept wondering which car was Barbie's! (I didn't see any pink convertibles in the lot) It took us 30 minutes to find Barbie's location - and then we stood in line for only 5 minutes. Gemma had drawn a Christmas picture for Barbie, but at the last minute decided not to give it to her. I think she was nervous. Gemma talked to Barbie, got her autograph and then they posed for a photo. After we left the area, Gemma kept saying, "I can't believe I talked to Barbie!" It was pretty cute.

After our quick Barbie visit, we headed over to Lego Land. Gemma and Spencer had a blast. It was amazing to see so many kids playing in such a crowded space and not see any arguing or fighting! I really wish we could have stayed longer, but Gianna was starting to get restless and hungry for lunch.

Here are Spencer and Gemma racing the lego cars they made.
After playing, we went to lunch at the food court. The tables were packed, so I found a bench in front of a t-shirt shop for the kids and I to sit and eat lunch. You wouldn't believe who we ran into....

All in all - this was a good day. We were in the car and on the road by 1:15 and I had Gianna down for a nap by 2pm. I was asleep by 2:30!!!