Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Last Day of Summer Vacation....

Originally, we didn't have anything planned to do today. It was just going to be a lazy day doing stuff around the house. However, things changed. Spencer has been asking to go golfing with David for ages, but timing hasn't been so good. Most of David's "free" time has been spent working on our addition, but today that all changed. David was going to take the kids mini-golfing, but it was the middle of the afternoon and it was 90' - so they went to the driving range instead. And they had a blast! At one point Spencer said he was doing "pretty bad" - but was still having fun. I think we may have found a new hobby for the kids! They look pretty darn cute in these photos!
After golfing we had to go to the mall and get Spencer new sneakers for school. (I wasn't the only mom who waited until the last minute to get shoes for school!) Luckily, we found Spencer's sneakers at the first store - and then we were out of that mall. After we got home, David decided to inflate their pool - on the last day of summer vacation and the last day that it would be warm enough to use it. But you know what, the kids played in the pool for almost 2 hours and had a ton of fun. I wasn't going to put Gianna in the pool, but as it was filling she "fell in". Actually, she was determined to get into that water. So instead of fighting it, I put on her suit and she played and splashed along with her big brother and sister. What a wonderful way to end our day!

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