Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gianna's Birthday recap

Here are a few photos from Gianna's big day. The actually celebration was very low-key since her party is going to be next Saturday. She got to wear her "I am 1" t-shirt and looked adorable as always! Titi Evelyn and Bamma came over for some cake. I was so suprised when Gianna DIDN'T cry during the singing. She actually enjoyed it!

The cake was really cute too - Byerly's offers a free cake for a child's first birthday, so I took advantage. It was only a 7-inch round, but the perfect size for our small gathering.

After singing, she was ready for her cake. Though from the angle of her hat, it looks like Gianna had one too many cocktails!!!
After eating and wearing her cake, Gianna was ready for the customary birthday bath!

And here is what was left should have seen the floor!!!

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