Sunday, August 10, 2008

Irish Festival....a bust

I had this great idea to go to the Irish Festival at Harriett Island with the kids. David was at reserves and it was a beautiful summer day - so why not spend it outside? I even asked my mom if she would like to attend with us. But by the end of the day (which really was only 3 hours at the festival) staying inside may have been a better choice.

We did see some Irish dogs and even got to pet them. They had some puppies for sale, only $800! Of course Gemma spent the rest of the afternoon asking to take one home. I already have 3 kids - I don't need a 4th!!!!!!

However, before everyone started falling apart I snapped a few photos. Here is Gemma enjoying a grape icy while enjoying some shade and listening to some Irish folk music. I realize putting white on a child is a little risky - but I was amazed when she finished eating and there were NO drops of grape icy on her dress!! I tried to get a picture of Spencer, but he wanted nothing to do with posing. That's why this pic is so blurry - I had to get him running. As usual he wanted nothing to eat. (There were no McDonald's at the Irish Festival, go figure!) He still had fun...I think.
Gianna enjoyed the shade and the activity going on around her. She was also enjoying a little lunch until Grandma showed up with Fish and Chips...she couldn't get enough of it! I'm so thankful that she has such an appetite.
After a few minutes in the shade we headed over to the Children's Tent. They had various activities for the children and a story-teller was sharing traditional Irish stories. Spencer saw the balloon animals and decided he needed to have a Green Mamba. I feel it was a dollar well spent. The little guy hasn't let "Tex" (the snake now has a name) out of his sight!
Gemma was a bit more adventurous and went for full face paint. I think she made an adorable little puppy! However this is the end of all the happy faces. I think the combination heat and all the walking got to the children and it went down hill VERY quickly.

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