Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Day at The Museum

The kids and I decided the best way to spend a hot and sticky day is with air conditioning. We decided to use the a/c at the Science Museum, that way we were cool and entertained. Plus the kids didn't realize they were learning things at the same time!

Gemma and Spencer enjoyed the exhibits - especially when they were "Germ Detectives". They had fun playing doctor/scientist while trying to diagnose their patients. The museum had several cubicals set-up like an exam room and the children were able to exam patients just like a doctor. They even saw what germs look like under a microscope....I wished I hadn't looked.

Here the kids learn about washing their hands.

After visiting many of the exhibits and eating lunch; we decided to head out to "The Big Back Yard". After spending almost two hours in the cool a/c - the 90' temp and 90% humidity was miserable. However, it didn't stop Gemma and Spencer! Spencer played in the sand/mud pile and tried to create something. I'm not sure what, but he sure had fun trying.

Gemma couldn't wait to pan for gems. She actually found 6 little stones. I doubt they are real; but I'm not saying a word. She was so proud and excited to have found the little treasures.

The Science Museum isn't really the place to be when you are only 10 months old. Gianna spent the majority of her time in the stroller; but there was enough activity going on to keep her entertained. Unfortunately, there was also enough activity to prevent her from taking a nap....God forbid she misses out on some of the fun!

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