Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nothing New

Not a lot has happened in the last few days....Gemma and Spencer went to a friends house yesterday for a couple of hours so Gianna and I could do some shopping. Last night we had our family pictures taken at Harriett Island. The photographer is a friend of the family and she did a great job. The weather even cooperated. It was one of those picture perfect skys - blue with the big, puffy white clouds. Sarah, the photographer, let me peek at a few shots and they looked great. I think I'll even get our Christmas card out of the event! It's only July and I'm already crossing something off the list that normally doesn't get done until the end of December!!

Today we decided to stay close to home. I decided doing laundry would be a fun thing to tackle. Along with the normal list of home chores; cleaning bathrooms, vaccumming, dusting and cleaning the kitchen. Trust me, don't be jealous.

Anyway, I should start posting photos so this will be more interesting. I think I'll start tomorrow. The kids and I are headed out to Lake Elmo with the preschool group. There is a chance for rain, but that is not going to stop a group of mothers from getting out of the house with their children for the possibility of adult interaction!

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