Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Days 3 and 4

On day three of our vacation (Tuesday), Gianna and I stayed home and relaxed while everyone else went out to celebrate Jared's 10th birthday. They played mini-golf, drove go-karts and went on water bumper cars. Not really a fun place for a 3-year-old. Unfortunately, I forgot to send the camera with David so I have no photos - but everyone had a ton of fun. We capped off the night with cake and ice cream and then a fire in the back yard complete with s'mores!!!On Wednesday, we all went to the local water park for some fun. It was hot day, and the best place to be was in the water. Gianna was having fun with the sprinklers.
I didn't take many photos, but I tried to get a few. Here is Gemma trying the lily pads. It took her several tries, but she finally made it all the way to the other end of the pool. She was very pleased with herself.
Here is Spencer just as he completed his turn. I love how he has his goggles on.....just in case he falls in and gets a face full of water!
Gianna asked Spencer to play in the kiddie area and happily obliged. Again - with the goggles!
During one of the hourly water breaks, the kids decided to "lay-out"!

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