Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stay-cation Day 1

Good friends of ours from South Carolina came to stay with us for 10 days. On our first official day together, we decided to go to Minnehaha Falls. While we were there, we decided it would be fun to rent bikes and explore.
Little did we know the hills would be a killer!
Gemma rode in the front of our bike with David while Georgia and I peddled in the back. I should note that Gianna sat comfortable in the very front of the bike and didn't have to peddle at all!
We accidentally took a path we shouldn't have. We crossed over a bridge and it wasn't until we were on our way back that Gemma pointed at the map on the "dashboard" that specifically said not to cross the bridge! Oops!
And just before we returned the bikes, we took family photos.
This is John and Georgia with the kids Jared and Sophia. David and John worked together in DC last year and became close friends. When the kids and I were there last summer, Georgia was there with their children. Everyone got along very well, so a vacation together seemed like a good idea.
After biking Gemma, Gianna and I went to the playground while the rest of the crew was playing in the park.

Gianna decided she wanted a shot at playing soccer.

Our first day together was a lot of fun.....a great start to the week of vacation.

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