Thursday, March 17, 2011

Field Trip

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a field trip to the Minnesota Zoo with Spencer. The weather was perfect (in the 50's), though most of the time we were indoors. Either way, it was such a treat to spend time with Spencer!
Here is my group of boys (there was another mom in our group) at Discovery Bay waiting for our trip on the Monorail.

We were able to see so many animals because of the Monorail. The kids loved it! I love this bear. I think he had recently woken up because we saw him stretching - too cute! Besides, doesn't his expression scream, "I need coffee..."??

I loved the camels! This one was trying to get a snack from the bark on the trees, but I guess the zookeeper decided to prevent that from happening. All of the trees were covered in mesh.
Another shot of our group - we were exploring some of the outside exhibits before lunch.

After lunch we found this deck and stayed outside for about 10 minutes enjoying the sun until we had to go to a class to learn about the tropical rain forests.
The class was our last stop at the zoo. We learned about the rain-forests and why they are important to us....even all the way in Minnesota. We also had the opportunity to see two animals from the rain-forest; the first was a Hissing Cockroach from Madagascar (I took a photo, but it was blurry) and then we saw this lizard. Apparently it's called a "Skank". The only time I've heard that word, it's been used in a very derogatory context, so I may have chuckled when the instructor said it. : )

I had a great time and was so happy to spend the day with my favorite boy!

(Special thanks to Evelyn for keeping Gianna so I could attend the field trip!)

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