Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad Blogger

Ok, so I've been a horrible blogger the past few months.

I'll try to fix that with this post...

A couple of weekends ago, David and I went to Las Vegas to meet up with his best friend from childhood and wife so the boys could celebrate their 40th birthdays. It was the first time for us in Vegas and we had a great time.

We gambled (and lost), ate, saw shows, visited The Hoover Dam and walked the strip - twice. We had great weather and even better company - and thanks to my mom and Evelyn we knew our little ones were safe and sound at home.

Here are some photos from our fun-filled weekend....

Waiting for our flight out of MSP.
In our room at The Venetian.
Us at The Price Is Right! Not a great photo, but David won $10 gift card!

Us with performers in The Venetian - we are INDOORS in this photo!
Waiting for The Penn&Teller show to begin.
Meet and greet after the show!
Us with Teller and David's best-friend and his wife.
In Mc Donald's - as close as I'll get to Old Blue Eyes!

Our tour bus stopped at the famous Vegas sign for a photo-op.
The Hoover Dam. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
David is standing in Nevada taking a photo of me in Arizona.
A ceiling in the Bellagio. Just beautiful! It's all Venetian glass!

David on The Brooklyn Bridge
Me trying to pose like Marie Osmond in the photo over my head.
Hello Kitty and me - this was for Gianna.
On top of The Eiffel Tower
Waiting for our ride back to the airport.

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