Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was filled with family, friends, fun and food. To kick it all off, we started with dinner at The Olive Garden with Bamma.
These are the only pictures I took of the evening - Gianna enjoying her menu and then enjoying her spaghetti. She also enjoyed the bread sticks and salad - but I didn't catch those on film!
On Saturday, we went to our very good friends house, Chris and Dominick, for an "M" family and "V" family gathering. David's family and Dominick's family go back over 40 years. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time visiting and eating. When these two families gather - you can always be promised a fun time.

Shortly after we arrived, Gianna threw Spencer's matchbox car in the pond. As you can see from the photo, the water wasn't exactly clear. After a few minutes of Dominick trying to reach in for it blindly, Mishka jumped in and pulled it out. I took a photo of her in the pond, but decided better than to post it!

Some of the M's and V's enjoying the beautiful weather and wonderful company.

Gemma and Spencer spent 5 out of the 7 hours we were there playing with the wagon. Dominick and Chris have a long driveway with just enough incline that the kids used the wagon as a bobsled. I don't think that wagon has ever seen so much action! Needless to say the kids slept hard Saturday night!

On Sunday, our neighbor Dan offered David to take his 4-wheeler for a spin. Since I didn't grow up with one of these, I'm not a big fan. David took both Gemma and Spencer for a ride in the yard and then brought it back to the neighbor. Gianna wanted NOTHING to do with it - I think it was too loud for her. (Which was just fine for me!)

Sunday evening, Gianna was outside having a tea party while Gemma and Spencer were working on their bobsledding skills with the wagon in our neighbors back yard. After a few runs, they had the idea to put Gianna, along with her table and chair in the wagon. Needless to say, David and the kids were out walking for over 30 minutes because Gianna liked being pulled in the wagon. It looked like a mini parade and she was the princess - if only she would have done the parade wave!
I think the pictures say it all - we had a great weekend!

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