Friday, July 24, 2009

Computer Savvy...

Today David had the day off and the 5 of us, along with my mom went to several garage sales. I think we hit five sales before lunch and we walked away with quite a few things...a few small toys for the kids, mom found couple of books, I bought a platter and table cloth (actually my mom did for me!). David, however, walked away empty handed - better luck next time!

One of the "finds" Gianna was a Thomas the Tank Engine laptop computer. She seems to be following in Spencer's footsteps with liking all things trains - especially Thomas.

After all of our shopping, we headed to lunch and then home for Gianna's nap.

Shortly after she woke up and we had our cuddle, this is what Gianna wanted to do next.

Doesn't she look like she's actually "working" on something? I hope she's not doing any on-line shopping!!! :)

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