Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Go Ride a Bike!

David enjoys riding his bike and since Spencer and Gemma (almost) can ride their bikes, he was hoping we could do family rides. However, we didn't have a trailer for Gianna. Well, Father's Day came early this year, (I get too excited when I have a gift I know he'll love.)

Tonight David hooked up the trailer and then tried to get Gianna into it. I wish I would have had the camera - she was having a royal fit.....then once she was strapped in and David started riding - she was in heaven! She loved it! Yeah!

Pure happiness!

This evil face was when it was time to get out of the trailer. Actually, I think it was just pure luck that I took the photo when I did....I can just hear her saying, "Don't even think of taking me out of this!"
Happy (early) Father's Day David!! Here's to a summer of many bike rides!!!!
ps - I know she needs a helmet - I'll be getting one tomorrow. This was just a trial ride in our yard!!!!

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