Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break

After I spent the weekend on the couch recovering from a nasty cold and really didn't do much of anything, David decided to take a vacation day on Tuesday so we could do something fun together since the kids are home from school. The weather isn't too "spring like" so we had to pick a few indoor activities. We decided to go to the train museum (a favorite of Spencer's), have lunch and then head to a movie. (Actually after lunch, Gianna and I went home to nap and iron shirts.)

Gianna loved watching the model trains.

Spencer has enjoyed trains since he was just a little guy. I think it's going to be a passion that sticks with him all his life.

Here we are at Snuffy's Malt Shop waiting for our lunch. Gianna wasn't in the mood for a kiss!

We had a great day together!


  1. What a wonderful day you all must have had! Hope you are all feeling well. Loved the pictures of the "cuties."

  2. I forgot to sign my post! Sorry! Mrs. K/Yvonne


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