Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a rather eventful weekend despite the fact that David had reserves. On Saturday the kids and I went to a friends (Mishka) art Co-op and watched a glass blowing demonstration. While we waited for the demo (which I neglected to photo), we visited with Mishka in her work space. Gemma and Spencer got a little restless, so they asked Mishka if they could use her sidewalk chalk and draw on the floor. (that's the beauty of a warehouse!)

She was more than willing to oblige the request and even gave the kids an impromptu art lesson. They had a lot of fun with that! After a 2 hour visit, Gianna decided it was time to go. We bought a few Christmas presents and then went home.

Saturday night we went to IHOP to celebrate our friend Chris's birthday. (I neglected to take any photos). I was just happy to have chocolate chip pancakes! The kids were great and the company was fun. We were home by 8pm and kids were all tucked in and asleep by 8:30!

Sunday we went to visit Bamma and Titi Evelyn. Gemma decided to go to church with Evelyn and Gianna and Spencer had a snack while watching cartoons. I think Gianna wanted to eat Spencer's snack too!

I don't think Spencer moved from the bed the whole time we were there. If he needed something he just asked Bamma! What a lucky boy!

After our visit, we came home and Gianna took a short nap. Boy, did she need it!!! David came home early from reserves and we just had a quick and easy dinner. After a much needed bath for Gianna, Gemma dressed up in her fairy costume. She decided Gianna should get into the act too. It was so cute seeing them play together.

However, Spencer got involved and the quiet playing quickly turned loud and wild. I think this photo says it all! I'm just thankful that the three of them get along so nicely. I hope it continues!!!